Tracing timber origin

Coring trees on Kalimantan

Barbara and Laura spent the previous week in Central Kalimantan for the first pilot sampling campaign in Indonesia. We did this in the forest of Dwimajaya Utama, an FSC certified timber company. And it went well! We had the luxury of lots of red Meranti’s waiting to be sampled, a great field team and excellent facilities. Let’s hope all sampling will be like this!

With help from our IPB colleagues, Dwimajaya Utama staff and even a group of Indonesian students from Central Java the sampling went very smooth. This first pilot will enable us to make a good estimation of the total sampling effort on Kalimantan.

The paperwork is still pending so the samples are stored locally for now. Hopefully they can be brought to our Indonesian partner IPB University soon!

Planning the fieldwork for the next day

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