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TIMTRACE Indonesia has started!

One of the best parts about the TIMTRACE project? That it includes collaborating with people in many different countries! This last week Mart, Barbara and Laura were driving around in Bogor and Jakarta, Indonesia, to get TIMTRACE Indonesia started!

We had many fruitful meetings with scientists, NGO’s, research institutes and the timber industry. If the past week is an example of the quality of collaboration, we will have a very succesfull project indeed. Thanks a lot to all of the people recieving us! The picture above shows our biggest collaborator: IPB University in Bogor, including Professor Iskandar Siregar.

A selection of the other meetings (you know how it works – pics or it didn’t happen):

APHI: the Association of concession owners in Indonesia

Tropenbos Indonesia

CIFOR HQ in Bogor

The Xylarium Bogoriense (with around 200.000 samples!)

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