Tracing timber origin

First field trip was a success!

Look at that pretty tree core!

This is Roger, holding one of our first Azobe wood samples in the South of Cameroon. Barbara and Laura worked hard the last 4 weeks to sample both Tali and Azobe in our first three sites. And we are really happy to say that we collected all the samples we wanted to!

Off course this was not without some – smaller and bigger – issues on the way. Due to a lot of broken material, we had to invest in a generator and an electric drill to be able to sample the toughest of tropical hardwoods. We also met many chiefs all throughout the country, some happier than others, tried a lot of local specialties and got rained on quite a few times. But Cameroon is an amazing country with some amazing forests.

Now all that rests is waiting and praying for them to grant us permission to export our samples. Let’s hope that happens soon so we can actually take our samples home!

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