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TIMTRACE & WFID Congo is on!

In the photo above from the left to the right we have Herman (Dschang University -Cameroon), Cynel (WFID/FSC – Gabon), Freddy , Rita, Mesly and Gael (the team leader) from Marien Ngouabi University (Congo).

Timtrace Congo has officially started on May 3rd 2021. This field campaign is a result of a fruitful collaboration between the TIMTRACE project (Wageningen University, Netherlands), World Forest ID  project (WFID – supported by the FSC Congo Basin, Gabon), the Laboratory of Geomatics of the University of Dschang (Cameroon) and the Laboratory of Botany and Ecology of the Marien Ngouabi University (Congo).

Herman Zanguim (PhD candidate at Dschang University and TIMTRACE Cameroon member) and Cynel Moundounga (representing the WFID/FSC) arrived early May in Brazzaville. On May 4th they carried out the practical training of the Congolese team on both the TIMTRACE and WFID sampling protocols; I was also present, but virtually:

On May 5th the team hit the road heading to the first sampling site. Our amazing three-country team in the field:

Testing the balance in the forest =)
WFID sampling.
TIMTRACE sampling.

And here bellow we have WFID (on the left) and TIMTRACE (on the right) sampling happening simultaneously =D

Thank you TIMTRACE & WFID Congo team for the amazing work!

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