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The online Timtrace retreat & our second anniversary

The first Timtrace retreat was a success!

For a while we were hoping to spend a week on ‘live science’ – to get together and think about opportunities for the Timtrace project. Like almost every type of collaboration these days, we had to change our plans about three times. In the end we decided to postpone no longer, but to move the retreat to an online meeting room instead of a scenic location in the Netherlands. And I think we were all positively surprised by how fun that still was! Almost a year of practice with online meetings must have helped us here.

Four days in a row we all logged in for two sessions per day. Some days we met up in pairs to make it a little bit ‘blended’ and catch up over a nice lunch. The week provided lots of room for discussions (hence the thoughtful faces in the picture), developing paper ideas as well as thinking about crossovers between the analyses. And most of all, it got us inspired again by putting our minds together!

With our newly filled ’to analyse lists’, we are about to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the Timtrace project already. Mart and Laura started March 1st 2019 and Barbara joined only a month later. So the timing was perfect, to reflect on what we’ve achieved but mostly to look ahead!

We can surely say that exciting things are coming up! Lots of cool graphs to share and samples to analyse, so we won’t have to twiddle our thumbs.

A big thanks to all our collaborators that joined to think along!

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