Tracing timber origin

They made it!

This is the Timtrace project in covid-19 times: a small party in Wageningen when we opened the package you see here. Fresh from Cameroon: bark, wood and soil samples from 5 sites and over 200 trees. I think you can imagine the huge grins behind our face masks!

The Cameroonian fieldteam from Dschang University did a great job in collecting samples for us – since Barbara and Laura could not go to the field themself, Herman, Steve and Pascalline have continued the fieldwork for us. The samples were collected in September already, but it took some time to arrange all the right paperwork (as usual). Once they finally received the green light to be sent, the package actually made it to Wageningen in 2 days!

And these new samples mean continuing labwork and thus new data. Which, eventually, means better timber tracing opportunities! And hopefully two doctorate titles for the happy faces in this picture along the way. So you can understand our excitement!

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